THRM-213 Single Person Wrist Temperature Detection Solution:

The Alibi THRM-213 Wrist Temperature detection measures their temperature within 0.2 seconds, and ninty-nine percent accuracy. If they’re running a fever or they’re not wearing a mask in a business that requires one, the AI in the scanner will sound off an alarm and can even email the results to your Practice Manager.


THRM-213 Single Person Thermal Temperature Scanner

The THRM-213 Single Person Thermal Temperature Scanner is touchless and includes Facial Recognition for your Staff and mask detection.

  • Wrist Temperature Detection: Ideal for providing added security in high traffic places, it allows you to detect elevated temperatures in individuals passing through your business without any contact. Small in size, big on efficiency, it detects up to 30 people per minute
  • Mask Wearing Detection: Advanced analytics can indicate when an individual is wearing a mask and sets off an additional voice alarm to those who aren’t wearing one.


Touchless or Card Reader Door Entry

This Temperature Scanner can allow entry based on facial recognition, mask wearing, temperature scan or approved entry card scan.

  • Scanner controls Door Entry: Temperature Scanner opens the door if the staff or visitor passes the temperature scan and/or mask detection.
  • Ultra-Fast Recognition: From small Medical Practices to busy Medical Group buildings, the wrist temperature detection is the perfect solution for detecting individuals in high-traffic areas like Patient Waiting Rooms and high-vulnerability environments like nursing homes, with a speedy recognition time of 0.2 seconds per individual.


Fast and accurate scanning 99%+

Accuracy and quick processing through touchless scanning. Advanced configuration options and People Import Tool for importing all staff photos.
Medical Offices are required to conduct threat monitoring and review log files for potential threats.

  • Advanced algorithm for accurate detection: With a built-in learning chip and a deep learning algorithm model, it provides a face recognition accuracy rate of greater than 99 percent.
  • Image capture and scan in low or dim light: 2 MP low illumination wide-angle camera with F1.6 large aperture lens captures clear images in diverse lighting environments
  • Web Management interface and advanced security configuration: People Import Tool allows for large database file import of personnel pictures.
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