We are Microsoft Partners and Certified in Windows Server Solutions

Healthcare Security Consultants has been designing, installing, configuring and administrating Windows Servers for 20 years.


Server installation, Active Directory and User setup and file access rights enforcement

In the age of "let's put it in the cloud", on-premises Servers are alive and well.

On-premises give the security of having your data under the same roof as you and you can control access to that data.

  • Server installation, Active Directory, user setup, access rights enforcement
  • Hyper-V Virtual Server setup, configuration, replication and backup
  • Server Clustering Solutions so no single point-of-failure can take your server access down
  • Windows Server installation, Active Directory and User setup and file access rights enforcement
  • Additional Server Solutions: Fax Server, Dedicated Backup Servers, Test Environment Servers and Application Servers like Imaging, LIS and Microsoft Sharepoint


Network Design and Installation: Wired and Wireless

  • Design and implement fast and secure wireless networks with no coverage lapses or slow speeds
  • Network Switch configuration for network segmenting and priority of services like video conferencing and payment processing
  • Guest Wireless Network: safely allow your patients, visitors and staff internet access isolated from your network
  • Video surveillance solutions: we are an Axis Camera Partner and can implement video surveillance of your office
  • Connect mobile users, home offices and branch offices with secure encrypted tunnels to your network


Data Backup and Restoration Solutions

Backing up your data is more critical to your network than ever before.

In addition to the usual threats to your data: Theft, fire, equipment failures, natural disasters

.....Ransomware attack has upped the danger of catastrophic loss of data 1000%!

  • Backup Solutions: on premises hot storage, Backup Appliances and Cloud Storage for true Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • We build on premises Backup Solutions with an emphasis on backup locally and then offline in case of security compromise
  • Offline Backup Solutions: storage that is used daily and then taken offline to guard against malicious access and deletion
  • Automatic data deduplication to reduce storage costs and backup completion times
  • Regular testing of backups because it's not what you can backup, it's what you can RESTORE!