Network Security FAQ

An Appliance that you can afford and maintain that allows fast throughput. Since all internet traffic will flow through this appliance, make sure it has a dedicated processor and RAM to allow quick processing and inspection of all inbound and outbound traffic. Most commercially available Firewalls will allow you to block all incoming ports and then just open what ports you need for your business operations and internet access. All Firewall Appliances will require constant updates and Service Contracts to stay ahead of the ever evolving Cyber-Security threats that face modern businesses.

Look for a Vendor who updates their firmware regularly, has a good track record in tracking and responding to threats. Must include services like Anti-Virus, Intrusion Protection/Intrusion Prevention, GEO-IP Fencing, Virtual Private Networking, Bandwidth Usage & Monitoring and Deep Packet Inspection.

Staff education is the number one priority for prevention. We can turn your staff from a liability into a "human firewall". This includes strong password policy enforcement. Keeping systems and servers patched, up to date and secure. GEO-IP Fencing to eliminate traffic from sources you don't have any relation to or do business with.

Usually they find out they have been hacked when a Ransomware infection locks down their network, demands payment and threatens to expose or destroy their data or patient information unless they pay vast amounts to a bitcoin account within 72 hours. Other scenarios include exposing the Credit Card or Social Security information of your clients or Patient's and facing the legal consequences and penalties that come with these..... Not to mention the loss of reputation and revenues!

We are Business Partners with Lenovo and recommend their Servers with redundant RAID Arrays and Power Supplies. Lenovo's reliability and tech support is a cut above their competition and we have learned this lesson after 30 years in this business.

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Servers. Due to cost and ease of management, Hyper-V is our preferred solution since it comes with Microsoft Server OS and is easily managed or setup as a High Availability (HA) server cluster solution.

As Microsoft Partners and proponents of fast and affordable secure cloud access, we use Azure Cloud Server Solutions and Office 365 for email hosting and office productivity apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.