Health IT Security: Secure Storage - IoT Devices - Wireless Networks

Not securing your network & back-ups in a business environment could be costly, not securing these in a healthcare environment could be deadly.


Secure Cloud Storage & Off-line local Storage

Securing ePHI from Ransomware and unlawful exposure.

Reliable security isn't convenient and convenient storage access isn't Secure
  • Increased 2 Factor Authentication for Cloud Storage
  • GEO Fencing to prevent hacking from know "Bad Actors"
  • Local Back-up to off-line storage
  • Rapid restoration of EMR in case of disaster


Securing IoT for Medical Devices

As the number and use of IoT devices in Healthcare continues to grow, securing these devices is critical.

This is a safety issue as well as a security one.
  • Wind River VxWorks OS vulnerability
  • Device identification and embedded OS discovery
  • Limit Device exposure and access
  • Firmware updating and monitoring of OS attacks


Wireless deployment and Wireless Site Surveys.

Protect a covered entities electronic information systems, related buildings and equipment for unauthorized intrusion.

This extends to the Wireless Signals emitted by your Practices' Wireless Network.
  • A Physical Safeguard required under HIPAA Law (R).
  • We help you plan and protect your Wireless Network.
  • We improve your Wireless Network's performance.
  • Wireless Site Surveys are required under HIPAA Law.