Firewall Appliances are the core of your network's security.

We are Business Partners of the leaders in small to medium size business (SMB) Firewall Appliances.


Firewall Appliance

The Appliance is your network guardian, often the only barrier between your network and the hackers who want access. Here are the main features of a firewall appliance for your internal network:

  • Only open the ports and services required for your hardware and applications to communicate with the internet
  • Block access to web site types not appropriate for use in the workplace
  • Guest Wireless Network: safely allow your Patients, Visitors and Staff internet access isolated from your network
  • GEO Fencing - based upon what type of organization or Medical Practice you operate, block internet traffic from known bad actors around the world in known hostile countries
  • Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection/ Intrusion Prevention Services (IDS/IPS) that analyze internet traffic and block sophisticated threats


Virtual Private Network: VPN

VPN: setup a safe connection for mobile users, tunnel-to-tunnel VPN's for remote site’s, home offices and trusted vendors.

  • An essential connection component for encrypting ePHI during transmission from offsite locations or mobile users
  • Limit VPN users access to only the specific addresses and services on your network they require
  • Encrypted tunnel into your network from anywhere in the world
  • Allow trusted vendors and partners access to their devices on your network
  • Connect mobile users, home offices and branch offices with secure encrypted tunnels to your network


Bandwidth and Traffic Analyzer

Find out what your users are accessing on the Internet and how much data they use. Medical Offices are required to conduct threat monitoring and review log files for potential threats.

  • Review all data traffic on your network: User, applications, devices
  • Find what users and applications use the most data- "Bandwidth Hogs"
  • Find out what Web Sites specific users are visiting
  • Analyze attacks from BotNets, Spyware, Malware, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks to add to your "Blacklist" to block them permanently