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Off-line Backup adds extra layer of protection

With 2019 coming to a close, we have already seen Ransomware infect 103 federal, state and municipal goverments and agencies, 759 healthcare providers and 86 universities, colleges and school districts, according to Emsisof. In a new twist to these disastrous infections, compromised data is being stolen and sold instead of just being held hostage for a ransom that may not be paid.

Backups, made to local storage devices and then taken off-line, offer a safe and relatively quick recovery mechanism when and if these attacks occur. Cloud storage offers another avenvue of backup and recovery though not as quick to restore and complete the recovery.

The challenge comes when Advanced Persistant Threats (APT's) embed the hackers with your network until they can compromise the Off-line or Cloud Backup as well, before they launch the Ransomware, thus infecting both your network and your backups.

Let SolDyn show you how to "hacker-proof" your backup strategies, denying them access to your crucial Off-line Backups that will save your organization from complete disaster and the Ransomware "Wall of Shame".