As Microsoft Partners, we have administered Office 365 and Azure Server deployments since these offerings began.

Healthcare Security Consultants is designing, provisioning and managing Office 365 & Windows Azure Servers, subcriptions and storage in the Microsoft Cloud


Office 365 - planning, migrating, deploying and managing.

We are a Microsoft Office 365 "Partner of Record" for years in migrating your Office Productivity Apps in their secure move to the Cloud.

Many companies know of or use Office 365 currently...we can show you additional Office 365 features that make it an essential business tool for SMB'S.

  • Office 365 Client configuration, backup and security
  • Office 365 Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Office 365 License and subscription management
  • Office 365 Cloud Security Policies (CAP)
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policies (DLP)
  • Advanced user content management tools: Content Security Compliance, Audit Logs and Legal Hold


Azure Cloud Solutions: Servers and Storage

  • Azure based Hyper-V Virtual Server provisioning, configuration, replication and backup
  • Azure Server Clustering Solutions so no single server failure or compromise can disrupt server access and availability
  • Role Based Access for Azure Servers
  • Azure File share: planning and configure Azure File Sync
  • Azure Storage Resource Planner (SRP)
  • Azure Server Network Security Group’s (NSG's)


Azure Cloud Storage Solutions

Backing up your data is a given, where and when is a "tangled web" we can help successfully guide you through.
Azure Cloud Storage Solutions are the answer to your data backup and Disaster Recovery needs. We help you make sense of the multiple storage options and find which solution fits your business staorage and data recovery needs

In addition to the usual threats to your data: Theft, fire, equipment failures, natural disasters.....Ransomware attack has drastically multiplied the risk.

  • Backup Solutions: on premises hot storage, Backup Appliances and Cloud Storage for true Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Azure Storage types: Locally Redundant Storage (LRS), Zone Redundant Storage (ZDS) and GEO-Redundant (GRS)
  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Automatic data deduplication to reduce storage costs and backup completion times
  • Regular testing of backups because it's not what you can backup, it's what you can RESTORE!