Business Continuity Planning: Surviving a disaster, security incident or data breach is possible.....if you have a plan for it.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a pro-active plan that facilitates the rapid recovery of business operations to reduce overall impact of a disaster. We have been writing, implementing and testing BCP's for our clients for 10 years as part of our HIPAA Compliance programs.


Business Continuity Planning: What's involved

An effective BCP has several key components that contribute to it's overall success. Our Business Continuity Planning team will demonstrate a possible disruption's impact, identify potential risks and provide feasible survival procedures.

  • BCP's contains specific tasks, activities, guidelines and procedures that are required for success
  • BCP's enable your business to continue operations in the event of disruption of mission critical IT systems
  • BCP procedures and mechanisms provide for prevention, timely response, continuity and recovery prior to, during and after business disruptions
  • Security incidents, emergencies, outages and disasters are included in scenarios with planned outcomes
  • Client, patient and staff safety is always the FIRST priority!
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) have become synonymous due to the mutual dependence and intersection of Business goals with Technology planning


The purpose of a BC/DR Plan:

All BC/DR Plans must place protection of human life and minimizing injury as the First Priority. Purpose of a these plans is to reduce risk of financial loss and justify the need for a plan by proving the current vulnerabilities your business has.

  • Improve the ability to recover and restore data and business operations
  • The goal is to mitigate the effects of a disaster
  • Improve your responsiveness to unexpected events
  • Ease confusion during crises
  • Get staff back to normal work routine
  • The BC\DR Plan must address regulatory, legal and contractual obligations and requirements
  • You MUST review the current status or lack there of of any current plans
  • Seek recommendations from experienced Compliance Specialists and Security Experts


Four Phases of Business Continuity Planning

The four phases are the following: Business Impact & Risk Analysis, Strategy Development & Recovery Planning, Implementation & Testing and Capability Review & Audit.

  • Business Impact & Risk Analysis:
  • Strategy Development & Recovery Planning:
  • Implementation & Testing:
  • Capability Review & Audit: