Acrylic Safety Barriers help prevent airborne virus transmission to Staff and Patients.

Our Acrylic Safety Barriers are customized to fit your reception and patient check-out areas. These Barriers help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, making your medical practice safer for your Staff and Patients alike.


Our Acrylic Safety Barrier

Features of our Acrylic Safety Barrier: "The Bio-Guard"
Here are the main features of a firewall appliance for your internal network:

  • Reduces exposure to virus transmission through airborne respritory droplets or on contact surfaces.
  • Custom measured and fit to your reception and check-out desks to form a complete protection barrier.
  • Our 1/4" Acrylic Barrier features sturdy support struts that anchor it to your desktop without permanent screws or fasteners.
  • We source our Acrylic Safety Barriers direct from the manufacturer and then pass the savings on to YOU!


Safety Barrier triangle support struts

From 20" inch to 20' ft...we make it fit!

  • Our Safety Barriers are custom fit; from the smallest sliding front window to a large, open patient check-out desktop.
  • These Barriers can be temporary or using additional fasteners, they become a permanent guard against airborne and contact surface transmission.
  • Custom paper slot size for exchange forms or tablets between Staff and Patients.
  • Provide your Practice with a great opportunity to demonstrate and advertise you are doing your part to end this Pandemic.


Masks are not enough!

Without a Safety Barrier...your Practice is a possible COVID Hotspot. Medical Offices are required to conduct threat monitoring and review log files for potential threats.

  • COVID infection rates in Georgia are abnormally high, wearing of masks is just not enough protection.
  • Please do your part to reduce this virus and its' spread...install a Safety Barrier!
  • If you care about you Patients and Staff, show them you do with these inexpensive yet effective Barriers.
  • Reduce the amount of time and save money on cleaning supplies used to disinfect unprotected surfaces.